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//  A Celebration of Restoration: Our Story  //

In January 2015, I was having lunch with a friend I had known for years.  My friend, “Susan”, knew that I volunteered at PDHC , a pregnancy care center for women faced with unexpected pregnancy.  Susan, like all my friends and family assumed I was passionate about volunteering because I had been a young, single mom and could relate to the difficulties these women face.

We ordered our favorite Thai dish, continued our small talk, but something kept tugging at my heart.  I felt this overwhelming urge to tell Susan the truth about why I volunteer.  Anxiety, brought on by fear of rejection and condemnation, caused my heart to race and palms to sweat.  However, God’s calling to me at that moment was clear “tell Susan the truth”.

“I want to tell you the real reason I volunteer at PDHC” I paused for what seemed like an hour, my heart pounding.  I went on, “when I was young I had an abortion”.   Our eyes met and I could feel the sadness in her gaze.  Susan reached across the table, laid her hands on mine and said “me too”.

The truth is that about one out of four of the friends I share with say “me too” and usually follow up with something like “but I don’t want to talk about it” or “no one knows” or “don’t tell my husband”.  As I become more transparent with my own past abortions, others may eventually be open to finding the same healing peace that I have found through programs like abortion recovery support groups, Living in Color, and Rachel’s Vineyard retreat weekends offered by PDHC.

invertThe Celebration of Restoration luncheon was birthed from this idea of one woman reaching across the table to another, sharing a message of healing and coming together to celebrate God’s peace and forgiveness.